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Webinars: Connect on coronavirus

Register your interest in our upcoming webinars, or watch the ones you might have missed.

Last updated: 22 Sep 2020 3 min read

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Now more than ever we want to share with you guidance and expertise in order to help you navigate the changing business landscape. Check out the comprehensive calendar of webinars below, as well as some of the previous expert-led online events. Register your interest in our upcoming webinars, or watch the ones you might have missed.

Upcoming webinar (click for information and to register)

• 25 September at 11am: Responding to change and diversifying your business model

• 29 September at 4pm: Business Builder: Writing a great 60-second pitch

• 2 October 2020 at 10.30am: Leading forward with purpose

Ones you might have missed

The working from home, working from the office dilemma

The latest webinar in the series features Mentor experts discussing the most recent coronavirus-related topics, including workplace well-being, business travel, and whether to have staff stay at home or return to the office.

The new normal workplace

In the latest webinar from our coronavirus series, we discuss how to plan and prepare for a safe return to work; the Job Retention Scheme and furlough; new government announcements and legislation updates. 

Your questions answered

The Mentor team take questions from business owners who are hoping to reopen following the relaxing of lockdown restrictions, with advice for owners in England, Wales and Scotland.

Post-lockdown health and safety guidance

Important information for businesses that are allowed to reopen, including maintaining social distancing and keeping customers and employees safe.

Relaxing of lockdown

The Mentor team discuss the relaxing of lockdown rules in countries all over the UK, including the reopening of schools, leisure and retail spaces and shops, and how businesses can still benefit from the furlough scheme.

Promoting good mental health

To coincide with National Mental Health Awareness Week, Mentor experts met online to discuss the latest updates on coronavirus, including new symptoms to watch out for, the testing that is now available to workers and how managers can take care of their employees’ mental health. For further updates/information, visit GOV.UK

The easing of lockdown restrictions

In this webinar, our panel of experts discussed how businesses can adapt to the evolving environment and prepare for a phased lifting of lockdown. This information is correct as of 1 May 2020. For further updates/information, visit GOV.UK

Health and safety: Practical considerations for businesses

Mentor experts answered questions on the decisions that need to be made by firms that remain open, such as asking staff to take on new roles, as well as the implications on businesses that have temporarily closed. This information is correct as of 27 April. For further updates/information, visit GOV.UK

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

During this webinar, Royal Bank of Scotland’s Mentor consultants discussed the hot topics and key developments and answered the most common questions they were being asked by customers. This information is correct as of 3 April. For further updates/information, visit GOV.UK

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