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Ask for More podcasts

Zara Janjua returns with another series of Ask for More podcasts.

Last updated: 23 Jun 2020 1 min read

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Join journalist Zara Janjua for a new series of podcasts brought to you by the Royal Bank of Scotland. We’re on a mission to help female entrepreneurs connect with inspirational women who have turned their passion and dreams into reality.

Are you ready to develop your career?

Episode 15: Are you ready to develop your career? In the final episode of this series, our host, Zara Janjua, chats with Supernature Oils co-founder Lynn Mann and Purpose HR managing director Lisa Thomson to discuss the events that shaped their careers and turned them into powerful and passionate leaders. Have a listen to find out how developing your career might not be as tricky as you think!

Stories of serendipity

Episode 14: Stories of serendipity Often the most unexpected moments and chance meetings can lead to the most surprising opportunities. In this week’s episode, we hear from Shonagh Kinnaird, Mace’s associate director, who went from lorry driver to senior management of a billion-pound construction company, and Gillian Wilson, director of marketing at financial advisers Strabens Hall – who was once an actor in Irn-Bru ads and Taggart. They share their stories of serendipity and how to get what you want with tenacity and human connections.

Elevate your profile

Episode 13: Elevate your profile Do you want to elevate your business profile, react to change and stand out? Here, Zara listens to Social Bite co-founder Alice Thompson and BIG Partnership director Stephanie Clark, who are offering words of wisdom and inspiration when we need it most. They discuss how to use talent to upgrade your brand and how to launch campaigns. More than ever, it is important to stay relevant and find out how to communicate your story.

Find your headspace

Episode 12: Find your headspace There has never been a better time focus on your mental health. In this week’s episode, Zara Janjua learns how to create headspace and find clarity in life through chatting with TV presenter Jenni Falconer and handbag designer Sarah Haran. These successful women reveal their secrets to mindfulness and discuss how creativity and endorphins from exercise could help you during a crisis.

Episode 11: Bounce back with resilience When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Most of us have hit rock bottom at some point and have needed to find our way back to the top. Here, Loose Women anchor and BBC Radio Scotland presenter Kaye Adams, and marketing consultant Niki Hutchison share their experiences of finding the resilience to bounce back.

The power of your voice

Episode 10: The power of your voice Have you ever felt that you weren’t able to speak out and say how you really felt? In this episode, Zara sits down with BBC stand-up comedian Ashley Storrie and entrepreneur Lynne Kennedy MBE to discuss how to use your voice effectively, both online and in person, as well as revealing the times they wish they’d spoken out.  

Philanthropy is deeper than your pockets

Episode 9: Philanthropy is deeper than your pockets In this episode, we will be launching the Royal Bank’s £20 note and shining the spotlight on the impact of philanthropy with two inspirational women, Judy Murray and Diana Borland. Judy reveals her upcoming project with the Brownies and gives us an update on son Andy’s injury, while Diana tells us how she helped change the lives of schoolchildren in Nepal and why CSR runs through the heart of her business.

Disrupt and shake up your industry

Episode 8: Disrupt and shake up your industry The eighth episode brings the current series to an end, with Zara discussing disruptive innovation with two dynamic women in tech: Sarah Stenhouse, CEO and founder of Oodls, and Vicky Brock, recently named Inspirational Woman of the Year at the Scotland Women in Technology Awards.

Finding a mentor that’s right for you

Episode 7: Finding a mentor that’s right for you On this week’s episode Zara speaks to serial entrepreneur Lynne Cadenhead, chair of Women’s Enterprise Scotland, along with personal coach and founder of JustBe Botanicals Gail Bryden. Find out how they achieved success in their industries and what they believe makes a great mentor.

Build a community of like-minded people

Episode 6: Build a community of like-minded people Knowing the right people can be one of the most powerful assets in business. This week, Zara discusses how to get the best out of networking with Susan Harkins, head of Business Gateway Edinburgh, and Aarti Joshi, head of communications, marketing and sponsorship at DF Concerts & Events.

Start a business that makes a difference

Episode 5: Start a business that makes a difference Do you want to start a business that makes a difference or align your existing operations with a social cause? In this episode, Zara speaks to Celia Hodson from Hey Girls and Suzie Millar from The Scottish Bee Company about how to build a business with a social purpose.

Build your confidence and achieve your goals

Episode 4: Build your confidence and achieve your goals In this episode, beauty blogger Susie Cormack Bruce and award-winning stand-up comedian Anna Devitt share their tips on how to build your confidence.

Building your personal brand

Episode 3: Building your personal brand In this episode, Zara discusses how to build your own personal brand with Brie Reid, founder of size-inclusive tights brand Snag; and Liv Conlon, founder of multi-award-winning company ThePropertyStagers.

Funding your big ideas

Episode 2: Funding your big ideas In this week’s episode, Zara speaks to Pheona Matovu, co-founder of community interest company Radiant and Brighter, and Tammy Koslowski from NAF! Salon about how to secure funding to start or grow your business.

Stand out from the crowd on social media

Episode 1: Stand out from the crowd on social media There’s so much to think about in business, but when it comes to social media, it can be a bit of a minefield. This week, Zara talks to Kylie Reid, founder of Edinburgh Gossip Girls (EGG), and Larah Bross, founder of the Bross Bagels empire, who’ll be sharing tips and advice on one of the most powerful business tools available: your social media presence.

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